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Lupe Fiasco - #1234

Strong message.

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this is actually disgusting.

Saw “THIS”?! They immediately dehumanized this woman and then further dehumanized her by stating they would rape her. Every one of these males. Rape was the first thing that came to mind. This is beyond disgusting.

Go on. Tell me rape culture isn’t real. Tell me how “Everyone knows rape is wrong.” 

Go on. Tell me again about how that male sexual entitlement over women’s bodies isn’t so much of an issue I’m sexist if I dare generalize men.

Tell me.

I fucking dare you.

If you DARE to associate me with this people only because i have the same chromosomes as them i think it’s MY turn to be offended.

Coming from a guy, this is disgusting. Do not associate me with them, nor them with me.

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